Our business

Accuracy, 100% held by its partners, is the sole totally independent international player in its field of expertise providing advice to company management and shareholders. Our status as an independent company means that we do not perform any regulated professional activities, ensuring that all work produced is objective, of the highest quality and in the best interests of our clients.

By combining strong know-how of three key elements – facts, figures and strategy – we are able to translate strategy into figures, understand them, analyse them, question them, verify their reliability and provide recommendations based on them. In this way, our teams help company management make effective decisions.

We provide our in-depth knowledge and expertise to our clients to help them face different situations: acquisitions, disposals, litigation, disputes, companies in difficulty, restructuring. In order to provide bespoke solutions to these situations, we place a great amount of importance on constantly inventing and reinventing our services, understanding that no one solution is the same for each client.

Accuracians talk... business

  • Eugenia

    We are able to dig deep in companies’ lives and help our clients in the context of either official disputes or in reaching amicable settlements. I have also had the chance to work on transaction and valuation engagements as well, which have represented a lot of my professional life as an Accuracian. That is Accuracy, one firm which allows its professionals to engage in many professional experiences!
  • Maxime

    We are currently in the process of creating a platform that will allow Accuracy to expand its services to help start-ups across the province. This shows how much Accuracy is about entrepreneurship and how the culture is really focussed on having an open mind for new ideas.
  • Juan

    A year after joining Accuracy I found what really made me tick – large capital projects. I have now become a recognised expert on this matter, providing expert advice on megaprojects around the globe (+10 countries visited only this year) and managing teams in all of our international offices. That is the beauty of Accuracy – making you realise the professional you want to be.