Accuracy takes stewardship seriously and fosters an office environment which facilitates the development of each and every staff member. Consultants are guided by a ‘mentor’ (usually an associate or manager) and/or a ‘super-mentor’ (one of Accuracy’s partners), who take a special interest in the consultant’s development and career path.

Consultants are also expected to share their knowledge with colleagues by organising training sessions for their peers. This is another aspect of stewardship, where everyone takes the time to share their knowledge and give back to the Accuracy community.


Accuracians talk... stewardship

  • Marco

    Dynamism isn’t just related to activities but also to the chance to travel and work with people from all over the world. Life at Accuracy also means being able to have fun with your colleagues because, most of all, Accuracy is a big family where people can be themselves and unlock their potential.
  • Jason

    The constant support and exposure to the leadership team has supported my development and ensures that we continue to deliver the highest quality of service to our clients, a core value shared by Accuracians globally.
  • Clément

    I wasn’t expecting the managers to be so dedicated to convey their experience: more than bosses, they really help you to increase your skills and knowledge. I wasn’t expecting such a cohesive spirit among the teams. I wasn’t expecting Accuracy to be so much more than just work!