One firm

Accuracy was designed to serve our clients and ensure their success. We put this into practice, whilst at the same time ensuring that we have a balanced professional work style that respects everyone’s needs. Our work demands high-quality results at all times and the challenge for us is to share this work equally, so that we can all have moments of calm and time to participate in the growth of Accuracy.

Top ten for the last 13 years
in the Great Place to Work awards,
unprecedented in the history
of the awards.

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Accuracians talk... one firm

  • Aurore

    Being French and working for the Dutch office on both international and Dutch projects, I am a good example of the “one firm” spirit at Accuracy. With the growth of international projects, we often work in collaboration with a few Accuracy offices to better serve our clients. As Accuracians, you will have many opportunities to work abroad and develop our global network.
  • Eugenia

    One firm is one of Accuracy’s leitmotifs. Our offices are widespread all over the world and, though it may seem odd, that is what Accuracy is really about: one firm, with a wide range of engagements and activities which lead Accuracians to explore the extraordinary life of businesses, from manifold perspectives.
  • Audrey

    I participated in a global engagement, collaborated closely with the New Delhi office on multiple occasions and am currently assisting in driving innovative concepts for our offices, all on top of working on local projects.