New Accuracians

New Accuracians are quickly integrated into Accuracy life. From the get-go, they work on projects but also join a ‘family’ of consultants where they have a mentor and super mentor who accompany them throughout their careers at Accuracy.

Soon after arriving, the consultants take part in an intensive technical training programme. The programme, known as the Accuracy School’, lasts two weeks and takes place in Paris and Barcelona. It serves as a strong means of integration, as the new consultants are able to learn the basics of their job, get to know each other and meet a great many Accuracians who come to animate the training sessions.

In addition to this training, consultants quickly join working teams. Our offices are organised in such a way as to facilitate the integration of new employees; they share their workspace with consultants of all grades.

Each consultant is also encouraged to participate in life at Accuracy by organising events, taking part in recruitment or performing internal projects, for example. This enables them to meet consultants from other offices, all while helping to develop and grow the firm.

Accuracians talk... integration

  • Sibylle

    I joined Accuracy right after graduating with a double master’s degree in corporate finance and accounting. I was looking for a challenging environment to start my professional career. I found a dynamic atmosphere, talented people and a great corporate culture. In my first year, I worked on a controlling project, valuation and due diligence assignments, in Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam and Paris.
  • Klemens

    Accuracy has, in a very short period of time, offered a high variety of projects and experiences. I had the opportunity to work on a wide spectrum of engagements, covering various industries and I was mainly assigned to cross-border projects. I also had the opportunity to meet my peers from around the world during the Accuracy School, people I really enjoy and look forward to working with.
  • Judy

    After four years of audit in a big 4, I joined the Accuracy team in Canada as a chartered accountant to work on high added-value projects for clients. I did not imagine then that Accuracy would also provide me with a significant competitive advantage as a modern professional: a strong global network.
  • Jason

    Having spent over 6 years at a big 4 performing audit and transaction advisory work, I moved to Accuracy in seeking new challenges and new experiences. I haven’t looked back. Exposure to a variety of project types from transaction support to forensic analysis has certainly provided this.

accuracy initiatives

Accuracy is commited to being a responsible corporate citizen. Here is a selection of some the activities, projects and causes we support

Annual seminars form a major part of life at Accuracy as they are a great means of uniting and interacting with colleagues from all the international offices.   One of the main objectives of these seminars is to enhance relations between colleagues and to foster a culture of shar...

We believe that once an Accuracian has been part of the Accuracy family, they will always remain part of the family and we are committed to supporting all Accuracians throughout their professional lives, both within and after Accuracy.   Alumni events take place across all our of...

Sporting activities are an important aspect of Accuracy life, so it is only natural that Accuracians take part in many corporate runs every year!   Rotterdam marathon Every spring, at the beginning of April, Accuracians take part in one of the most popular marathons in Rotterdam,...

Some of our events