Great place to work

Joining Accuracy is, above all, joining a human experience where daily life is shaped by our founding values: Courage, Transparency, Openness, Confidence, Stewardship, Sharing and Integrity.

Conscious that the women and men of our team represent a unique and truly exceptional richness, we place great importance on combining the perfect ingredients to make Accuracy a great place to work.

Priority is given to constant collaboration for all Accuracians through exchange. In this way, as soon as an employee joins us, he or she can enjoy the friendly atmosphere, participate in entrepreneurial events and get involved in life at Accuracy all while working on high added value projects.

These aspects come together to form a different, motivating state of mind for Accuracians, in an environment that nurtures both the professional and personal development of its employees.

For the 13th year in a row, we are among the top-ranked participants in the Great Place to Work awards.

This recognition gives credence to Accuracy's "positive expectations" management concept, which underpins the success and ongoing expansion of our internationally‐focussed firm. The award also shores up our "one firm" mentality, which we implement through a cohesive approach to our corporate culture, values and outlook, enabling us to provide top‐end services through our international offices around the world.

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Accuracy Initiatives & Events

Accuracians participate in a wide range of initiatives and events throughout the year. Here is a selection of what we have been getting up to.

Annual seminars form a major part of life at Accuracy as they are a great means of uniting and interacting with colleagues from all the international offices.   One of the main objectives of these seminars is to enhance relations between colleagues and to foster a culture of shar...

We believe that once an Accuracian has been part of the Accuracy family, they will always remain part of the family and we are committed to supporting all Accuracians throughout their professional lives, both within and after Accuracy.   Alumni events take place across all our of...

Sporting activities are an important aspect of Accuracy life, so it is only natural that Accuracians take part in many corporate runs every year!   Rotterdam marathon Every spring, at the beginning of April, Accuracians take part in one of the most popular marathons in Rotterdam,...

Some of our events