Who are we looking for?

At Accuracy, we pride ourselves on the quality of our consultants, and from the get-go, we only look for the best. Working in a rigorous and demanding environment, certain qualities and skills are expected of you. These include:

  • Strong analytical skills – each of our projects involves dealing with a significant amount of data of varying degrees of quality. It is important to be able to manage the data, make sense of it and transmit conclusions clearly and concisely.
  • Great interpersonal skills – be it with the client or your fellow team members, building positive human relationships is fundamental to life at Accuracy. In the office, there is a strong sense of community and team spirit reigns supreme; with the client, good relationships make our job easier and help cement Accuracy’s position as our clients’ first port of call.
  • A learning mind-set – an inquisitive mind, a desire to grow your skill set and an open approach to learning will help you go far at Accuracy. This goes hand-in-hand with our team spirit: Accuracians are always there to help each other grow.

If you think you have what it takes to become a member of our team, join us.

Accuracians talk... accuracy

  • Juan

    I joined Accuracy's Madrid office after graduating as an engineer from Ecole Centrale Paris and UPV and as an economist from Université Paris Dauphine. Accuracy has provided me with the stimulating environment I need to thrive professionally. There isn't a single day I'm not confronted with a new problem to solve or a situation I haven't faced before.
  • Marco

    If I had to describe life at Accuracy with only one adjective I would say dynamic; that's because being a consultant at Accuracy not only means working on varied projects ranging from restructuring to forensics, from litigation to transaction services, but also being involved in numerous and different internal activities. One day you will play in a consultant football team and the next you will organise a charity event.
  • Jakob

    There are many things which make Accuracy a unique company, but the one thing that I have learned to appreciate the most is the fact that I do not feel part of a rigid structure. The genuine and inclusive culture and people’s passion about taking on new challenges have encouraged me to develop new ideas and continuously motivate me to contribute to the success of the company as a whole.