Our recruitment process

The recruitment process at Accuracy has been designed to allow all candidates to fully understand our business and our unique corporate culture, while ensuring we continue to recruit the best professionals in our fields.

Our recruitment process consists of a series of interviews with some of our consultants and partners, providing an excellent opportunity for a mutual introduction, while allowing us to gain an understanding of the candidate’s aspirations. The process also allows us to assess the candidate’s technical skills for the job, as well as to ascertain the personality of the candidate in order to gauge how they would fit in with our team culture.

Some tips for your interviews:

  • Be informed – we expect candidates to have sufficient knowledge of our firm and its business.
  • Be confident – even if our recruiting process is highly selective and challenging, it is fair. If you believe you are the right candidate for us, we want to meet you.
  • Be yourself – honesty is one of our key values. Be open and forthright about yourself.
  • Know who you are – knowing your strengths and having clear goals for your career is essential for all of us.

Download our ‘Recruitment’ brochure here:

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