The Accuracy School

The Accuracy School

The Accuracy school is a two-week, in-house intensive training programme that has been specifically designed for new analysts and associates in order for them to understand and familiarise themselves with the different aspects of our business. The School also offers the perfect opportunity for the new class of “Accuracians” to bond through teamwork, further facilitating their integration into the company.

The programme

The Accuracy school occurs once a year at the beginning of September. It brings together over 50 newcomers from all Accuracy offices. The first week of the school takes place in Paris and the second week, in Barcelona. Over these two weeks, our new arrivals participate and gain knowledge in the following:

  • Technical modules, including familiarity with Accuracy’s areas of expertise and financial techniques, tools and resources, communication and the role of an analyst.
  • Practical case studies, including role plays which span the two-week period and conducted by teams of four to five consultants.


Developed by Accuracians, for Accuracians, the school is run by Accuracy partners and managers.  This also allows new arrivals to meet and interact with a large number of experienced Accuracy consultants across all our offices.

The Accuracy School serves not only to ensure that all new Accuracians are operational on their first day in the office, but also to install our unique culture of sharing and teamwork which make up a large part of Accuracy’s founding values.


Accuracians talk... school

  • Tim

    What I value the most from participating in the School, apart from the challenging environment, is that I met all the other new analysts and associates from other offices around the world with whom I made some great memories.
  • Audrey

    The Accuracy School is a programme that brings together all newcomers across Accuracy’s offices and serves as an introduction to its corporate way of life. For a span of two weeks, one works closely with fellow analysts or associates who may likely be a future team member despite the geographical separation.
  • Philippe

    In my mind, the school is the greatest way to get Accuracians involved right away. From the new friendships that we make to the knowledge we acquire from our fellow colleagues, no other experience is quite like it. An experience like this would not be possible without the implication of people on many levels and, for that, I truly am grateful.
  • Julien

    The programme is split between technical and soft-skill sessions, real case solving and presentations, outdoor activities, partner meetings, unforgettable evenings … Despite the intense training schedule, the School is a unique opportunity to get prepared for our future projects and to create ties with new colleagues from all offices. It surely remains one of my best moments spent within Accuracy.
  • Jerome

    Beyond the rigorous training and team projects, one also gets the opportunity to meet and socialise at an informal level with all tiers of leadership. This paves the way for close relationships between offices and maintains a ”no silos” business culture.”