Corporate runs

Sporting activities are an important aspect of Accuracy life, so it is only natural that Accuracians take part in many corporate runs every year!


Rotterdam marathon

Every spring, at the beginning of April, Accuracians take part in one of the most popular marathons in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

At the last four editions, the Dutch Accuracy team was well represented with a few Estafette teams (10 to 21km per person). The Rotterdam marathon is always a well organised event in the beautiful harbour city.


JPMorgan Run

The biggest corporate run worldwide is an absolute must in Frankfurt, as such, the team geared up and joined all the other runners for a quick jog between the skyscrapers.  Something to look forward to every year.


More accuracy initiatives

Annual seminars

Annual seminars form a major part of life at Accuracy as they are a great means of uniting and interacting with colleagues from all the international offices.   One of the main objectives of these seminars is to enhance relations between colleagues a...

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Global alumni events

We believe that once an Accuracian has been part of the Accuracy family, they will always remain part of the family and we are committed to supporting all Accuracians throughout their professional lives, both within and after Accuracy.   Alumni event...

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Accuracy Women

On International Women’s Day, women from Accuracy organise a cocktail event in our Paris office to celebrate what has become an important movement globally. Students are invited to meet with our consultants and talk about the consulting and finance p...

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