Your Career

Who are you ?


You are a student

You are currently in the midst of your studies and searching for an internship in order to understand our business practices and become acquainted with basic financial concepts. Accuracy offers internships of at least six months to students in business or engineering schools, as well as university students. Half a year is the minimum time needed to understand and to get a good grounding in our business techniques, so that an intern leaves with an enriching and useful experience. In our opinion, an internship is the best way for us to learn about you, and it serves as an essential investment for us. Many interns return to Accuracy after they complete their studies.

You are a graduate

Do you have experience in corporate finance through previous work or internships inside a financial department, an auditing company, a strategy consulting firm, or an investment fund or bank? Or, is your experience in other fields, far from the financial world? We review more than 1,300 CVs per year and favour profiles that are rich in diverse experiences. Therefore, there are no standard profiles. The personality and desire to share the Accuracy adventure are a candidate’s most essential characteristics. It is all about meeting people.

You are a professional

After several years of experience in the corporate finance world, you are looking for a new adventure. We recruit professionals who have two to five years of experience and are willing to join the Accuracy family. We want you to further enrich our organisation by sharing your knowledge and vision with us, and we are thus proud to regularly recruit professionals for Associate and Manager positions.