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Training programme


Lifelong learning

The training provided by Accuracy is designed to reflect the company's values, including lifelong intellectual curiosity and teamwork. From analysts to partners, all levels of Accuracy staff are involved in the process of sharing knowledge and organising training sessions. These sessions constitute an integral part of the company's internal communication activities, with the constant goal of enhancing the development of each employee, whether in a technical field (accountancy or financial analysis), or in the behavioural field (so-called "soft skills").


There is no better way to learn than to teach. Based on this principle, our youngest consultants are soon asked to organise or create training sessions for their peers, with the aim of improving our knowledge of a technical subject or sharing feedback from their projects. Based on a fixed training structure (involving a programme and a team), training seminars are organised based on the wishes and needs of our teams. This is another aspect of "stewardship" or mentoring, taking the time to share your knowledge and to give back on what you've learnt.
Discovering and integrating

The new members of our offices are brought together in September for two weeks of training in Paris and Barcelona. This is what we refer to as the "School," a period devoted to intensive learning about Accuracy’s business activities. It's also a time for the new class of "Accuracians" to get to know one another through teamwork.

The School combines the following:

  • Technical modules (with more than 20 themes covered, including familiarity with Accuracy’s tools and resources, accounting and financial techniques, communication, the role of the analyst, etc).
  • Practical case studies including role-plays which span the two-week period and conducted by teams of 3 to 4 consultants.

The purpose of this training is to help new arrivals familiarise themselves with the different aspects of our work, as applied to Accuracy’s various activities. These working tools and basic concepts must be mastered before moving on to a 'real' assignment. All Accuracy employees participate in the School as organisers, trainers, speakers or mentors. It's an exciting adventure for the whole group!
Making progress: developing know-how and interpersonal skills

The School offers a training programme comprising more than 30 modules. These short modules (lasting 1 to 2 hours each) are conducted in-house by either two Accuracians covering all technical subjects such as finance, IT resources, etc., or by external speakers focusing on interpersonal skills such as speaking and negotiation techniques, language skills and so on.

Modules lasting 1 to 2 days are regularly organised for associates to improve their knowledge on Accuracy’s activities especially in specialist areas, such as restructuring processes and assessment techniques etc.

For our more experienced team members, training is provided in partnership with lawyers’ practices and foreign universities. This enables them to gain new skills, while simultaneously expanding their professional network.