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Accuracy's work-life


Accuracy was designed to serve our clients and ensure their success. We put this into practice, whilst at the same time ensuring that we have a balanced professional work style that respects everyone's needs.  Our work demands high-quality results at all times and the challenge for us is to share this work equally, so that we can all have moments of calm and time to participate in the growth of Accuracy.


Many Accuracians get together at the end of the day to relax, talk about how a specific activity has progressed and plan new projects. These moments are as valuable as those shared whilst working on assignments. Thus, many Accuracians, regardless of their position within the company, take part in tasks that enable them to participate in the development of our firm and life inside the company: seminars, training programmes, sporting events, the welcoming and sponsorship of newcomers, philanthropic projects, communication, and so on - the list is long.
A multi-disciplinary approach for training

We are convinced that mixing experiences results in the best training. There are no split departments or no-go areas at Accuracy! Junior managers participate equally in assignments concerning transactions, valuations, corporate recovery, disputes, etc. It is by interacting with different people, in various situations, and dealing with a variety of problems that valuable opinions are formed.
After acquiring some general experience, some consultants decide to specialise, but this is not mandatory. Specialisation is opted for once a consultant has gained a good grasp of the other job functions within the company, thus assuring the best possible communication and sharing of a common work method. Accuracy is not just a simple put together of different specialties, but rather a blend of the same skills base and working methods. We are unique in our field!

Choosing to apply for a job with us is the first step towards joining a company with strong values that prioritises teamwork and high standards. The next move is yours.