Why join Accuracy?

Our Story


The Accuracy idea

The Accuracy adventure began in November 2004 when a handful of former Andersen staff, partners and managers joined up to fulfil their dream of setting up their own company and embarking on an exciting team adventure.

The shockwaves which resounded through the economic and regulatory world following the disappearance of Enron and Andersen in 2002, in addition to a remodelling of the ethical rules applicable to auditors, paved the way for the emergence of a new financial consulting market.

And so the first “Accuracians” forged the profile of what would become the first company of its kind in Europe.

Accuracy is:

  • Totally dedicated to finance: solely dedicated to providing corporate financial advice
  • Totally independent: possessing no links with auditing activities,
  • Solid: backed by a major risk management company and a leader in its field.

The foundations for this new company were laid during the final months of 2004 and the team became fully operational in January 2005.

Rapid expansion

With guidance from its initial team of 12 people, Accuracy began to take shape. The firm  quickly reached its first goal of including specialists from a variety of different backgrounds and companies by employing former strategy consultants, investment bankers, experienced auditors, private equity fund managers and young graduates. The goal was to effectively pool the skills from diverse backgrounds and from employees from the best universities, business and engineering schools. In short, they created a rich and original business culture, an "Accuracy spirit" in which every team member has their own place.

Originally operating out of the French office, twelve offices have since opened in order to build up an international network:

  • Madrid: 2006
  • Amsterdam: 2007
  • Milan: 2008
  • Frankfurt: 2009
  • Brussels: 2009
  • London: 2010
  • Munich: 2011
  • Quebec: 2011
  • Montreal: 2011
  • New Delhi: 2012
  • Singapore: 2016
  • Barcelona: 2016