Why join Accuracy?

Our Culture


Our values

Independence is the cornerstone of our company. However, our values and our corporate mission go far beyond that. Accuracy embodies:

  • A sense of service: we serve our clients first, which means that every Accuracy employee shares a genuine desire to effectively assist the people we are working with and to aid them in meeting their targets. This is translated through a high degree of responsiveness, ability to listen, and above all else, our strength in justifying our conclusions - even when they may not be particularly easy to accept. We handle some extremely delicate situations whereby the future of an entire company may be at stake: mergers, acquisitions, disputes, litigation, and restructuring programmes. We like to think that the success of these projects is a result of our courage and our loyalty to those who choose to entrust them with us.
  • The determination to build a truly different type of company: characterised by its transparency, flexible management, relaxed communication style, recognition of individual effort and a merit-based career development policy. Accuracy owes its success to its consultants who all share the same enthusiasm and excitement for good teamwork.

We believe that these two principles are interconnected. Enjoying a better career means participating in excellent projects with our clients, as well as being proud of building our company as a team.