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When you’re weighing-up job prospects fresh out of university, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what Accuracy's business line really is! After all, there are a wide range of financial careers open to young graduates in capital investment companies, consultancies, audit firms - to name a few.

In fact, our firm is situated at what could be described as a "crossroads" amongst all of these activities. Our common denominator is our capacity to completely master corporate finance issues and apply this ability to a wide range of situations. We actively seek out different and unique situations generated by the corporate finance world for our projects.

The types of assignments that we work on are good examples of this:

  • Transactions: we analyse the profitability of the target company, its market, and its growth outlook, helping our client draw up the best offer. We then work with the financial department and other consultants, including investment banks and lawyers.
  • Disputes and litigation: our projects often include assessment of the financial loss incurred by our clients by modelling what would have been the size of their market and the value of the business, had it not endured unfair competition. We work with lawyers and industrial experts do to this.
  • Restructuring programmes: for example, we help assemble an acquisition plan on behalf of a client for the acquisition of a company undergoing bankruptcy proceedings. We model short and medium term cash flow requirements for the company by working with the official receiver.

These are a few examples of our regular work with all kinds of experts, all specialising in their respective fields. Ours is finance, the "numbers," and requires a perfect knowledge of financial language.

By joining Accuracy at the end of your studies, you are choosing diversity (diverse contacts and diverse situations) while simultaneously becoming a financial specialist.

Become an “Accuracian”

You may be wondering about the kind of candidates we're looking for. Well, considering the nature of our business it would be difficult to be truly satisfied here without having a high capacity to adapt to unforeseen situations, changes in schedules and different contacts. Although we may be seen as technicians, we also have hands-on contact and educational roles in our projects. With this in mind, applicants should be comfortable working as part of a team and have excellent interpersonal skills, not to mention a willingness to listen.

We are seeking dynamic, lively, courageous, self-confident, yet humble candidates. Becoming an “Accuracian” means taking your job seriously, but never taking yourself too seriously!