Who am I?

Vanessa Delaage, 31 years old.

After graduating from EM Lyon, I spent three years auditing key accounts for one of the "Big Four."

Why Accuracy?

After gaining my initial professional experience in one of the "big four" companies, I was keen to join a more modestly sized organisation. I joined Accuracy in May 2005, i.e. six months after it was founded, and was attracted by the entrepreneurial spirit underpinning this project (at the time Accuracy only employed 15 people) and by the diverse range of activities offered by the company.

My work

Since I'm not specialised in one of our service fields, my job at Accuracy is quite varied and involves providing support to companies as they make vital decisions; whether this concerns acquisitions, assessments or dispute resolution/litigation.  Each scenario is unique and requires a tailored response. To achieve this, it is vital to be able to quickly appreciate and assess the challenges involved and the operating methods of the companies in which we intervene. The relatively short deadlines and the sheer diversity of the assignments ensure that we get no shortage of mental stimulation and provide us with opportunities to discover a multitude of different business fields.

In a more concrete manner, I also supervise a team of two to three people (according to the project in question), and benefit from the experience provided by a partner (for technical matters, for example) with whom communication is both relaxed and plentiful. I also handle our relationship with the client throughout the project.

My favourite project

During a project involving the disposal of a company in the real estate sector, along with an analyst and an associate, I dealt directly with the vendor with the aim of drawing up a document (a VDD) intended for potential buyers. To do so, we carried out our work on the company's premises and had access to its management and to all of the available information within the company.

We had to think about the way in which the analyses were to be presented, and to obtain all of the necessary information, which was not always available. At the end of the assignment, we had obtained a thorough knowledge of the company. The added value contributed by our report was immediately recognised by the client, which gave our team an immense sense of satisfaction.

My advice to candidates

Ensure that you are totally clear and sincere when presenting your experience and your career to date. Briefly read up again on your notes from your finance classes and don't get stressed out if you are unable to answer a question. Simply do your best to give careful thought to the matter!

Anything to add?

One aspect which is unique to Accuracy is the involvement of each of its staff beyond so-called "conventional" assignments. All of the staff are involved in training sessions (on key subjects such as training) that are run by the associates, managers, or recruitment. Everyone makes their own contribution to the success of the company.

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